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emed Software

The emed®-x/R recorder software measures dynamic pressure distribution and captures multi-camera video synchronously. No extra video software is required. Video synchronization is made via the microphone input of the camera.  The system starts recording automatically when the subject’s foot contacts the platform. The synchronized data files are stored in the novel data folder and can be displayed synchronously frame by frame.  Also, when data acquisition is started from the novel database, the synchronized data can automatically be stored to the novel database, in addition to the novel data folder.

Several measurements can be compared on the screen simultaneously. Automatic left and right foot recognition makes reviewing and grouping measurements quick and effortless. Multiple measurements can be averaged to create one average pressure picture. Pressure, vertical force, and contact area curves vs. time are displayed. Additionally force-time integral information is provided. 3D dynamic roll-over process can be displayed and rotated together with the gaitline (COP). Foot length and width can be measured on screen with software graphic tools.

The configuration of data collection can be customized. The maximum pressure picture can be printed to scale with pressure values for each sensor element, subject’s name and date of measurement.  An overview of measurements is displayed on the screen, presented as thumbnail images, for quick access to multiple measurements.

emed Software Chart

  • R indicates Recorder option which allows for synchronous pressure and digital video recording

  • HSp denotes high speed option which allows data collection up to 400Hz

  • HSc indicates high scan which allows a customized measurement area and an increased scan rate

  • Programs B, D, and E work with older versions of the emed platform such as emed-st












    E-R HSp/HSc

    Dynamic and static measurement

    Display of each frame in rollover process (ROP)

    Maximum pressure picture (MPP)

    Display of sensor value for each sensor

    Vertical force-time curve

    Connection to novel databases

    Contact area-time curve

    Screen copy

    Center of pressure (COP)

    Maximum pressure-time curve

    1:1 printout of pressure curve


    3D dynamic color display of ROP and MPP


    3-D gaitline and force curve



    Automatic data storage



    Integrated overview of measurements



    Graphical drawing tools



    Average selected pressure measurements



    Record and synchronize with digital video







    Measure up to 400Hz







    Adjust measurement area









    Download Brochures


    emed systems, (3 mb)
    emed-xl, (3 mb)
    emed pedography software (1.74 mb)
    pedography overview (1.48 mb)
    pedography for the diabetic foot (3 mb)

    Data Collection Info
    emed HowTo data collection guide (100 kb)
    emed guide (17 kb)

    emed-xl specs (120 kb)
    emed-x specs (16 kb)
    emed-q specs (16 kb)
    emed-n specs (16 kb)
    emed-c specs (16 kb)
    emed-a specs (16 kb)
    emed-xl walkway specs (45 kb)
    emed-x, -q, -n walkway specs (17 kb)
    emed-a, c walkway specs (17 kb)

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